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Princess Mononoke Kodama

01/29/12 ♥ 3
my art

reviving and redesigning a very old oc of mine

I guess his haircolor is the biggest change as he used to have black and red hair óvò didn’t want that match now…. will prolly change the lighter part of the hair many times until I’m satisfied

AT first he had short hair, then I tried to give him long hair (because boys with long hair *droooooooool* ) but then I realized he looked better with shorter hair… so I gave him a long thin ponytail so now he has both… kinda (◡‿◡✿)

I can’t really remember much of his history and personality… all I know is that he used to be one of my fave-oc’s, he first appeared in a dream and that he’s the calm type

Soo I’ll probably make up the rest as time goes :3 he likes feathers as you can see…. and jewelry….

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